InfoHub CP Sophisticated platform for digital ready Councillors . 

A powerful digital work space that help Councillors and governance team to  efficiently interact and  share information on the fly whilst ensuring corporate governance and compliance


An interactive platform with fast and easy access to all of the Councillors resources.  Whether it be Business Papers or Councillor Request or Expenses claims it covers it all.

A dual interface approach provides both a web-based portal for Councilors and Governance team for the easy access to resources and information. 

Councillors and Governance team can view reported requests and or scheduled meetings. Governance team can transmit new business papers, events, Meetings etc on the fly.  

The Councillors, on the other hand, are able to get access to all relevant information at one place using any devices anywhere.

Option to integrate into CRM and Document management system with to minimized data duplication and the ability to workflow the various request types to will elevate response time to newer heights of process efficiency.